• About Our Company

    Innoco is a unique company with a genuine passion for innovation. Our team of experienced innovators provide knowledge, enthusiasm and energy to help our clients strengthen their innovation capabilities.


    We offer innovation related services & capabilities to private and public enterprises in Europe. We go the extra mile to inspire the people and support the organization to develop new, innovative services and business models.

    • Innoco has extensive experience with inspiring innovation talks, workshops and facilitation of innovation programs.
    • We guide our clients through their innovation process, and combine strategy and insights with digital prototyping and solution development.
    • Happy and demanding clients is what drives us forward


    Our philosophy is that innovation should be treated as any other key business discipline, combining structure with creativity. Structured innovation processes always start with unsolved needs and problems you can solve for your customers.

    • Our team provides our clients with new tools, methods and processes tailormade for the organization in order to reach your innovation goals.
    • We empower your people to challenge orthodoxies, look for new insights, understand megatrends and develop digital competencies.
    • We always address your customers needs together with your key people. Building critical innovation skills your organization needs tomorrow and in the future
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    Our office is located right by Holbergs Plass and Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences

    Holbergsgate 1, 0166 Oslo
    +47 452 83 232
  • @InnocoAS






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Innoco AS behandler personopplysninger i samsvar med Personopplysningsloven, og følger reglene for taushetsplikt tilknyttet dette. Vi har utviklet retningslinjer og prosedyrer for å overholde GDPR.
Etter Personopplysningsloven §18 Rett til innsyn, har du som kunde hos Innoco rett til å kreve innsyn i hvilke personopplysninger vi har lagret om deg.
Dersom du ønsker innsyn i hvilke opplysninger Innoco AS har registrert som omhandler deg, kan du få opplysninger ved å sende inn en skriftlig anmodning til oss.