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Corona proves that we can innovate and digitalize fast when we need to. So what?

By Katinka Kolsaker

Lesson learned from Corona: We can innovate and digitalize fast when we need to.

How do leaders and HR capitalize on this intellectual property?

Innovation may be defined as a solution which is new, embraced as useful and put into use. In crises, we suddenly find ourselves in situations where we need new and useful solutions immediately. The corona crisis taught us new ways of keeping schools up and running, new digital manners to attend meetings and get work done and we learned how to turn exhibition arenas into hospitals.

No excuse - now we know we can innovate and digitalize fast when need to. What do leaders and organizations do with this knowledge?

Many countries and communities are now easing on Covid-19 restrictions and society tries to find a way forward to a new normality. These are good news and calls for optimism. It leaves leaders with a question: What do I do with the lessons learned, - the change capacity and innovations the organization experienced during the pandemic?

Three different strategies stand out:

  1. Back to normal: We do nothing and hope working life will return to the old normal.
  2. Laissez faire: We wait and see how things turn out.
  3. Strategic fitness: We treat the innovative and digital skills and experiences learned from Corona as an intellectual capital that can boost strategic fitness and innovation capacity in our organization.

If you are a leader or an HR executive, I take it for granted that strategy 3 is your preferred option. The other alternatives mean throwing money out the window since knowledge is capital.

A lot of managers and organizations need to work with strategy 3 in days and months to come. How?

I believe in the intelligence of cooperation and engage leaders and HR professionals to help each other capitalize on the unique and valuable learnings from Corona.

We offer leaders and organizations a structured road map and digital platform to transform lessons learned from corona into strategic fitness. Curious to know more? Please e-mail me or leave a post on my LinkedIn profile. I hope to hear from you. Katinka

It was a privilege to give a webinar on innovation management to Tekna members and I tested the idea about collaborating and capitalizing on the innovation lessons the learned.

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